About us

Blümchen vom Ihlwald (aka Alice) was born June 5, 2009 in Germany. She was my fist Irish Red and White Setter. She brought a lot of joy and happiness to my everyday life, and I’ve started to get the hang of the “Real Dog Life”. I had high hopes for her in the future, both at work and on exhibitions and she achieved more than I expected. Because of her I had a passion for learning about this dog type, and love it more and more the closer I get to it.

How did it start?

I’ve always loved animals, which is why I applied to the Faculty of Animal Science at the University of Kaposvár in 2006. I studied to become an Agricultural Engineer, specializing in animal husbandry. I received my Master’s Degree in 2012. My courses were focused on breeding farm animals, as well as companion and hobby animals. My time at the university was wonderful and I made many friends.

Some of my fellow students had dogs at the University Kennels. I saw how much time they spent with their favorites, and how great their social life was. During that time a friend of mine purchased the starter bitch of his future kennel. It occurred to me that it was my chance to do the same.

I started researching breeds online. I was mainly interested in hunting dogs; however, my favorite remained the setter. When I was a child, I admired the breed in books that I read. At that time, it was impossible to buy IRWS puppies in Hungary so we decided to get an Irish Red Setter. We got Lord, and was living with us for 14 years. When he became older, he still remained youthful, enthusiastic, and loving towards the family and other animals. ‘Little Lord’ was a bundle of love, and very polite – all around a lovely dog. I don’t think he even knew wickedness existed in the world, but that’s okay. He was the happiest when he could spend time with his family.

Once I discovered that an Irish Red and White Setter is not beyond my reach, I was ready for it. I visited the German and Austrian Kennel Club’s websites, where to my greatest surprise I found several Irish Red and White Setter litters.








I corresponded with several breeders until I narrowed it down to one litter. The puppies were located in Germany. Due to the distance between us, we were unable to visit. We communicated regularly and many photos were sent. When they reached the age of 8 weeks, we travelled more than 1000 adventurous kilometers to a little German town named Bad Segeberg. We were very excited while looking up the precise address. We got out of the car and rang the bell. Barking! I jumped for joy! We were at the right place. We entered and for the first time I caught a glimpse of the spotted puppies. It was an unutterable feeling and I couldn’t believe my eyes! Based on the photos we had already chosen a little bitch. She was just as gorgeous in person as she was in the photos. We knew she was the one. We spoke with the breeder, Sabine Cziesla, and after a long night I could finally take my puppy home. I was so happy and I couldn’t get enough of her. She got her name on the way home: Alice. And that is how our long lasting love started.

Alice was a wonderful dog, and a great companion. She accompanied me to school when she was only 4 months old. She adjusted to the kennels quickly. The kennels and the dog school were great places for her to socialize.

In her first year we entered her in the ‘baby’ category at an exhibition. She has won several awards including a World Championship in 2013 and she acquired the international working diploma. I am extremely proud of her. Our first litter arrived in 2013 before Christmas. The upbringing meant a lot of work and a lot of pleasure until the puppies get new families.

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One year later, in 2014, Beauty Bloom Artegerd arrived to me from Czech Republic. She is called Mila. I am very lucky for being able to have her with me. Mila is a charming little girl, neither the four-footed nor the two-footed can withstand her lovely temperament.

Meanwhile, a malignant tumor was found in Alice’s body, therefore in the interest of her health she couldn’t have more puppies, but she was happy with us as a “retired”. She passed away very suddenly in a loving environment in January 2018.

The story of the Kennel continues with Mila in spring 2018.