Spring field trial in the snow

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Breeder’s Association
Tiszanána CACIT Field trial, 18.03.2018.

Beauty Bloom Artegerd “Mila”
Adult pair: GOOD qualification

Judges: Neven Ljubicic, Vito Mrden

Trainer and leader: Zsolt Molnár

Thanks to Zsolt and the organizers of the event, the judges and other participants. Congratulations to the winners.

I am veryproud of Mila, , this trial was her first competition in pair.

Handler training 11.03.2018

On March 11, the Hungarian Setter and Pointer Club organized a handler training in Mosonmagyaróvár under the leadership of János Turzó. The program started with collective walk, the dogs and the owners could make contacts and could move after the trip, then we practised the handling and standing of the dogs and we got customized advices and finally the dogs had a lot of time to play and run free as long as everyone could ask questions and we discussed what we learned. We had a nice lunch and the closing of the day was the handover of the diploms.

It was a great event with programs suitable for owners and dogs. Thanks to the organizers for the work and every participant for the great company.

Mila made new friends, like Paddy, the IRWS. He was a big surprise for us and we were very happy to meet him and his owner. The two red-whites liked each other from the first moment. Furthermore they are from the same kennel (Artegerd).

A mai napunkról egy kis video 😊

Közzétette: Magyar Szetter és Pointer Klub – 2018. március 11.


Crufts 2018

Crufts. The world’s greatest dog show. I think no need to write more about this.

The Irish Red And White Setter entries:


36 entered dogs, 40 entered bitch, total entries: 76!!!

The judging of IRWS was on Sunday, March 11. , the judge was Mrs Maureen Justice (UK).



Congratulations to all paticipants!