Winterdogshow 2017 Budapest

We had a long and very successful three days long show. Mila was very skilful and patient, she did well to the very end, got very nice judgements. At the end of the second day she earned the titel of HUNGARIAN CHAMPION. I am very proud of her.
In addition to the successes we had a very nice weekend among dogs in Budapest and we finally met Rozi (irws) on Saturday (Darcy Vailant Hunter, owner: János Gerő, breeder: Drábová Kamila), we were so happy to see her. She get excellent 1. and CAC titel in intermediate class. Congratulations to them!


17. 02. Friday: Winterdogshow CACIB
Open class – excellent 1., CAC, CACIB, BOB
judge: János Eppel (HUN)

18. 02. Saturday: Winterdogshow CAC
Open class – excellent 1., CAC, BOB
judge: Dick Rutten (NL)

19. 02. Sunday: Winterdogshow CACIB
Open class – excellent 1., CAC, CACIB, BOB
judge: Vilmos Kardos (HUN)

Thank you very much to Viktoria Winkler for the grooming (Szveti Salon), to my Love for the patience and to my Mom for looking after my baby and of course thanks to Renáta Rokůsková, the breeder of Mila.

Number checking

Nowadays I have a lot of time to look around IRWS’s on the internet. (No. I don’t have. :D) So I had the idea to count the number of the IRWS’s in Hungary and to know the actual headcount. It was not too difficult, but I can say with pleasure, that the number is increasing.

Namely altogether is… drumbeat… SEVEN.

The eldest and the only one male is Mac (CH United Spots Macintosh). The girls are:

My Alice and her two daughter: Annabelle and Kira, my little Mila and two “raw recruit” import girl: Rozi and Penny.

We didn’t meet yet, but the number give soon ground for to organise an IRWS meeting.

IRWS meeting in the past (2011): Alice, Mac and Pihe. At this time there were only four IRWS in Hungary.