Field Trial CACT in Cegléd

On November 3-4, the Hungarian Pointer Club organized autumn field trial competition in Cegléd.
This was the third competition for Beauty Bloom Artegerd “Mila” in this season and she started in two categories – pair and solo – for the first time both days.

Thanks to the thorough training, I am proud and happy to report the results:

Pair category winner 14 points, Very good qualification
Judges: Fanni Verebély, Eszter Takács

Solo category winner 18 points, Excellent qualification, CACT
Judges: Eszter Takács, Zsuzsa Bakó

Trainer and handler: Zsolt Molnár.

It was unbelievable feeling, when on the second day the judges said the name of Mila as winner of the four place winner. Great thanks again to Zsolt Molnár, the trainer and handler of Mila, who made this possible! Thanks to the Pointer Clob for the possibility and thanks to the judges for their work.

Another result was achieved from an other Artegerd dog, Eshare Explorer Artegerd “Paddy” got Very good qualification in derby solo category. Congratulations for him and all of the participants.

Mila’s collection from the Cegléd CACT Field Trial
Fairy Hunter Banshee “Luna”, Beauty Bloom Artegerd “Mila”, Eshare Explorer Artegerd “Paddy”
Luna had some fun with the partridge after Mom’s trial
Mila celebrated the results with hunting on the next day


Pictures about the competition are here