Litter “B”

“B” Litter
Date of birth: 27.05.2018.
6 male, 3 female

Mother: Beauty Bloom Artegerd “Mila”

Father: Fairy Hunter Aiden (AT)


Pictures with the owners:

1. Fairy Hunter Brave Soul
Hungarian Puppy Champion

He lives in Hungary in Veresegyház with his Irish setter girlfriend, Málna. His new name is Rudi.



2. Fairy Hunter Brownie

He has stayed in Hungary, in Szombathely, Hungary and he has a loving family, who take care of him. His new name is Artur.

3. Fairy Hunter Burning Flame
Hungarian Junior Champion
Nemzetközi Munkavizsga
Elbow: free
OCD: Free

He got the callname Dylan and he is living in Dunakeszi, Hungary with his Irish Setter friend: Mylo and with his loving family.


4. Fairy Hunter Bonfire Heart

His great adventure began with the move to Norway, where he call Niko. As a family member, he lives in a wonderful place.

5. Fairy Hunter Blackbird

He lives in Budapest, Hungary as a member of a very nice and cheerful family, his new name is Chase.


6. Fairy Hunter Beacon of Glory

He lives in a loving and enthusiastic family in Budapest, Hungary, his callname is Finn.

7. Fairy Hunter Bright Bijou

She lives in Szigethalom, Hungary with her nice and loving owners and with her Irish Setter friend: Aliz. She got the name Mila from her mother.

8. Fairy Hunter Banshee

Luna has a special place in my heart, now she is living in Vienna in a lovely family and she has a new sister.
She has a beautyful doggie life.


9. Fairy Hunter Be my Beauty

Her callname is Madi and she lives in Győr, Hungary with his loving family.